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FLOW sutra
Creating sound journies for embodying flow states
Every 1st Thursday 20:00 - 22:00 GMT
Bali Sekumpul Waterfalls_edited.jpg

Raiza’s creative spirit winds through her being, painting the landscape of her soul’s expression with timeless sounds and poetic flows. Take a trip with her as she brings you along on a sound journey through the Chakras. Starting with the root chakra, you dance your way up to the crown, the space where you see your highest visions and experience liberation. Tune in for an eclectic blend of sounds from all over the globe, from hip-hop, reggae, RnB edits, instrumentals, dancehall, alte, afro house, amapiano, baile funk, experimental world fusion, shamanic trance, ambient gems and tunes so alive that they deserve a genre on their own! Music is healing!

As an Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Qualified Yoga Teacher and researcher on flow states, she hosts workshops to guide people home to their bodies and activate the seeds of their creative potential. She loves to curate peak experiences for curious humans through music, movement, and breath.

She is the host of "The Flow Sutra" Podcast, where she discusses flow states, peak experiences, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, spirituality, wellness and ways to activate optimal states of consciousness.

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