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Flowdom mastermind


"People with the most Flow in their lives rate the highest on overall life satisfaction"

This mastermind is for you if you're ready to set in place maps and models that can help you explore the upper potential of human possibility through the latest research on flow science and embodied leadership.

Learn, apply, and integrate the cutting-edge maps and models used by creative visionaries.

The world today is uncertain and volatile. It can be overwhelming. This can cause us to feel fear, anxiety, and stress at a heightened level. Fear is expensive to sustain from a neurobiological perspective. Long-term stress can cause many parts of your brain to shut down. Many of your cognitive capabilities are lost during stress/crisis.

Flow, also known as “the zone”, is a positive enjoyable psychological state often linked to optimal performance. Using flow, you are able to transmute anxiety, uncertainty and fear into focus and excitement. 


What are the benefits of flow?

According to The Flow Research Collective, in flow, you have:

  • 500% more productivity

  • 700% more creativity

  • Accelerated Learning (Halving the fabled 10,000-hour rule)

  • Improved wellbeing

  • Improved decision making

  • Increased endurance

  • Reduced inefficiency

  • Consistent motivation


Why should you care about Flow?


In the 21st century, those who can hack into flow states consistently, win. They create an internal locus of control to find meaning and purpose in their pursuits. Wellbeing is a byproduct of the flow journey. It’s that simple.


This is the zone of effortless effort. However, there are certain pre-requisites for flow. This is what we will be diving into!


Join me in this epic mastermind group where I breakdown the science and psychology of Flow. This will take you on a transformational journey to up-level your mental and physical performance by leaps and bounds! We learn how to increase our leverage and maximise output without every burning out, by doing more in less time!

In this course, we will dive deep into the key pillars of flow psychology and action learning so that you are actually applying these cognitive frameworks into your daily life.

We dive deep into embodied cognition and embodied leadership and how it can help you accelerate your creativity, productivity, and impact on the world.

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