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Cognitive Performance Coaching

Learn to train your neurobiology to enter flow states on demand!

  • 1 h
  • Consultation based
  • Online/In-person

Service Description

Flow, also known as “the zone”, is a positive and enjoyable psychological state often linked to optimal performance. We live in a highly complex and uncertain world. In order to navigate the unchartered terrains of our future, there are cognitive frameworks that we must adopt in order to adapt effectively. Our evolution has equipped us with ancient brains that are struggling to adapt in a high tech world. How do we take agency over our existence when technology mediates our reality? This is where flow comes into the equation. I help train flow consciousness, an altered state that births creative insights, accelerates learning and boosts productivity. This is how we thrive in the new paradigm. My methodology includes the latest neuroscience research to engineer cognitive frameworks for peak-performance. We also explore the concept of embodied leadership and how you can learn to cultivate this trait for creating massive impact on the world. The offerings combine a scientific, creative and intuitive approach that draws from neuroscience, psychology, action learning, embodiment, and holistic wellness practices. It's practical and based on the latest paradigm shifting research. We dive into the art of burnout proofing and learn how to never be overwhelmed ever again! What can you expect from engineering flow states into your everyday life? You have: 500% more productivity 700% more creativity Accelerated Learning (Halving the fabled 10,000 hour rule) Improved decision making Increased endurance Reduced inefficiency Consistent motivation Enhanced leadership skills This is the source code for peak performance. Living a high-flow lifestyle has profound benefits for your wellbeing and life-satisfaction. Are you ready to find your flow-dom?

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