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Dance Movement Therapy X Breath Workshop

We trace the design for the foundational structures of our neural pathways. We become the authors of our blueprint, through somatic movement and breath. Hacking our subconscious mind using ancient modalities. Overcoming our reptilian brain with flow science.
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Dance Movement Therapy X Breath Workshop

Time & Location

18 Apr 2020, 15:00 BST
Online on Zoom

About the Event

We step into the Flowdance through embodying the archetypal energies of Kali and Aries season. Traditionally, Kali has been revered as the goddess of fiery destruction and transformation. The new age understanding of ego death pertains to this energy. Destroying the conditioned prisons of our subconscious mind, shining a light on everything that no longer serves us. Allowing us the opportunity to repattern the very depths of our being. The Kali energy is a gift for those who seek the truth. No longer being swayed by the illusions of culture and society, this archetypal energy destroys all that stands in the way of self-actualisation. Unabashed by her fierce, chaotic and powerful energy, she unleashes her wild self. Primal nature. To have our minds blown by her brazen gaze. 

Structures in society tend to be oppressive to our freedom. This illusion of freedom that we live in, is but a facade. Our consciousness a slave to culture and norms. Borders. Governments. Corporations. Hoarders of wealth and power. Freedom is a state of mind. The ability to think for ourselves without being programmed and conditioned by the rungs of society. Freedom is the ability to hold multiple perspectives in our mind's eye, to observe without judgement, to choose our version of reality. 

Kali is here to dispel any illusions. Signifying a death to the old ways, the old patterns. The dark night of the soul is but a storm that shall pass. She reminds us that destruction can be painful and that compassion rebuilds the soul. You remain protected from the chaos when you center yourself in the calmness of its eye. Knowing that this too shall pass. Paving the way for a new way of being. 

Aries is embodied by spring, a time of emergence, rebirth, awakening, and shedding of restraints. Arian energy is here to break the rules and challenge what isn't working! Here, we step into our joyful, courageous, dynamic, and authentic selves. We remember what we have forgotten. We fight for our truth. We stand in our power. With the change of seasons, we start anew. Building a new reality with vigour. Taming our impulses and flying higher to see the bigger picture. Passion surging through our veins as the fire burns inside us. To test boundaries. To create new ones. To unleash the magic of our souls existence. Channeling the energy of destruction into construction of new worlds. Aries is here to lead with elemental fiery enthusiasm.

We dance through this archetypal energy, bringing it forth with intention, to repattern our minds. To trace the design for the foundational structures of our neural pathways. We become the authors of our blueprint, through somatic movement and breath. Hacking our subconscious mind using ancient modalities. Overcoming our reptilian brain with flow science. 

Join us as we shake through this dance of destruction and transformation. Rebirthing as we breathe into the new earth. A journey into your inner space guided by the wisdom of this archetypal force of nature. 

Please know that we are simply working with creative mythology, this event is not identified with religion.

On Saturday, we journey deep into our inner space. Join us for an epic journey at:

10:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time US)

7:00 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time US)

3:00 PM BST (UK)

7:30 PM IST (India)

I will be hosting the session live on the Zoom app.

You can download this on your phone from the app store here

You can also use zoom from your personal laptop.

Breathwork may not be for you if you have the following conditions.

Please read the contraindications below:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • High or abnormal blood pressure
  • History of aneurysms
  • Epilepsy or history of seizures
  • Anyone on heavy medication
  • Severe psychiatric symptoms, particularly psychosis or paranoia
  • Bipolar depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Recent surgery
  • Glaucoma
  • Pregnancy
  • An active addiction
  • Any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support

This list is not all inclusive and we generally recommend to check with your doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions. 

If you have or have had any of the listed conditions, we strongly recommend you consult a doctor before beginning breathwork.

By registering for this event, you acknowledge that you have read the contraindications and agree to move forward at your own risk.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

This event is not for profit. Donations will be made to the vulnerable members of society affected by the lockdown during this pandemic.

Suggested donation: £15

50% Discount: Use code Kali

100% Discount: Use code Aries

You may also choose to donate the amount of your choice here:

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